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Shakespeare challenge - Midsummer Night’s Dream : The Tempest : A Winter's Tale : First Night

Title: First Night - a drabble set
Author: Kortirion
Characters: The Fellowship
Rating: G
Source: FotR
Disclaimer: Tolkien made this Middle-earth, and all who dwell therein.
Notes: Catching up... a drabble each for: Midsummer Night’s Dream: The Tempest : A Winter’s Tale

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Having left at dusk, the air soon grew chill. Above, stars appeared, sharp and clear in the darkened sky. Legolas smiled ‘friendly lamps to light our way’, but even for sure-footed Hobbits, night was night. Aragorn stumbled a little, and Boromir muttered curses as his feet snagged tussocks. Besides the elf, only Gimli and Gandalf seemed unhindered, but wary of mishap, the wizard called a halt to set up camp.

Sam curled up tightly – ‘who’d a-dreamt last Lithe that come Midwinter I’d be so far from the Shire?’ He closed his eyes and tried to dream of Midsummer nights again.

The Tempest

Aragorn dreamt of oak leaves and lighted candles – there were to be celebrations, but he wasn’t sure he could arrive... all the while the lights receded… Boromir’s dreams where of holly and the table in his father’s hall, dressed for the Yule feast, but outside, a great tempest crashed and rolled. He shivered in his sleep.

Legolas watched the stars, the dwarf snored, making his own thunder, while Gandalf supplied dense clouds of tobacco smoke – he knew what storms would come and took his respite where he may. And the Hobbits? Close together, sharing warmth, they found their own shelter.

A Winter’s Tale

Frost crept up and sewed diamonds to their blankets after the small fire dwindled. Gandalf stared into it, considering, planning, ruminating. Aragorn stirred, his cloak rustling like taffeta at a ball... at least that was what the sound reminded Boromir of.... He listened to Aragorn and the wizard whispering softly. The Hobbits snuffled like puppies under their pile of coats and coverlets... the dwarf was even louder... only the elf was silent.

Aragorn sat beside him, “We’ll watch now”.

Boromir nodded, the ranger feed the fire’s embers with bark.

“Shall I tell you a winter’s tale to pass the night away?”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: shakespeare: midsummer dream, character: fellowship
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