StarSpray (silverstarspray) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Faces Challenge: Smile - A Smile to Die For

Title: A Smile to Die For
Author: SilverStarSpray
Characters/Pairing: Beren/Lúthien
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: I don’t own Middle-earth, however much I’d like to live there.

Grief and hardship and long travels had worked hard to age him before his time, Lúthien thought. She watched him from the tree shadows, watched him watch the river and the flowers, and scan the trees for a glimpse of her. She remembered the desperate something in his voice when he called her Tinúviel.

Curiosity warred with caution. He was a stranger, and a Man. But how was it that he was so much younger than she, and yet seemed older?

Then she stepped into the sunshine. A brilliant smile transformed his face, stealing away the years, and her heart.
Tags: author: silverstarspray, challenge: faces : smile, character: beren, character: lúthien
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