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Title: White-on-White: The Final Encounter
Author: Kortirion
Word count: 100
Character/s: ‘It’s all about him!’
Disclaimer: Huuuuuummmmmmm!!! *spinning tops* A tiny nod to Implacida, some Kortirion, but Tolkien is the Daddy!

As the Fellowship packed for departure, Pippin shyly handed over a small package.
Haldir unfolded the white silk.
“It’s a flag of truce,” mumbled Pippin.
Haldir bowed, smiling with genuine pleasure, “I accept Perian. Truce with honour.”
To Haldir’s astonishment, Pippin hugged him tightly – then he was gone.

Celeborn eyed the silk square Haldir absent-mindedly drew through his fingers; its hem embroidered, white-on-white, with oak leaves and a crescent Moon.
“Skilled work,” he observed.
Haldir nodded – “Pippin made it for me – in his land, cooks and tailors are esteemed above warriors and armourers.”
Celeborn nodded, “Would it were always so.”
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