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Jay of Lasgalen

And Then There Were Three

Title: And Then There Were Three
Author: Jay of Lasgalen
Characters: Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Estel
Rating: G
Summary:  Elladan, Elrohir and Estel return home - much to Elrond's dismay.  Part 3 in the Homecoming series, written for the 'Eyebrow' prompt.

Disclaimer:  Tolkien's; not mine.

And Then There Were Three

Dripping water and green slime, they left a trail of mud as they squelched across the cobbled yard. Drawn by unerring instinct, Elrond met them on the steps, one eyebrow raised in disbelief as he regarded his sons.

Elrohir’s hair hung in limp, lank strands, Estel had lost both shoes, and Elladan (presumably) was totally unrecognisable beneath a thick layer of black mud.

“Do not come one step nearer until you have stripped and washed,” Elrond warned. “I suggest you use the horse trough. Morgoth’s teeth, what happened to you?”

All three spoke as one. “It was not my fault!”

[Edit:  Remind me never to post when LJ is undergoing maintenance!!]

Tags: author: jay_of_lasgalen, challenge: faces: raised eyebrow, character: elladan, character: elrohir, character: elrond, character: estel
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