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Faces challenge: Pulling a Face, Deadpan, and Rapture: Kortirion

Title: Falling Gold - a drabble series of three
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, The Fellowship
Rating: G
Source: FotR/movie!verse)
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s place and people - Kortirion’s small embellishments.

Gold On High - Pulling a Face challenge

The afternoon was golden - bright sky, high, distant clouds, golden leaves against blue. Far-off black birds circled... ...could as well be an animal as a man, thought Aragorn, too far to be concerned... but he kept a wary eye.

He smiled, Today was good. Today was a day you could hear Arda speaking to your fea. He took a deep breath, tilting his face to the sunlight and started to hum, then sing softly - the ancient elvish words of one accord with sky and wind and...

"Are we nearly there yet?" Pippin whined - again!

Aragorn pulled a face.

Boromir chuckled.

Gold Below - Deadpan challenge

Lothlorien’s gold surrounded them - beneath their feet, above their heads, drifting slowly down or caught by the breeze - golden leaves of the Golden Wood. The hobbits were by turns excited, awed, and playful as puppies now their blindfolds had been removed. Legolas smiled serenely. The Dwarf frowned, grumbling to himself, but that was to be expected. It was the other man’s face Aragorn wanted to see...

He kept his expression completely deadpan as he approached, his voice neutral.

"So Boromir - how does this compare..."

"Beautiful..." whispered Boromir, his eyes following the mallorns upwards.

Aragorn allowed himself a small smile.

Gold Will Fall - Rapture challenge

Much later that evening, when the sad news of Mithrandir’s fall had been delivered, when he’d had private words with the Lord and Lady, when he’d made his own act of private remembrance for a fallen comrade, Aragorn returned to their camping place. The hobbits had retired; Gimli snored fitfully, while Legolas had joined the elves, leaving the two men together.

Boromir’s encounter with the Lady had clearly unsettled him. Aragorn encouraged, then listened attentively as the man described Minas Tirith’s beauty. The rapture on his face clearly showed he spoke from the heart...

...Boromir would willingly die for Gondor.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: faces: deadpan, challenge: faces: pull a face, challenge: rapture, character: aragorn, character: boromir, character: fellowship
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