Baranduin (baranduin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: Filling Up the Corners
Challenge: Gluttony
Author: Baranduin
Characters: Odo Proudfoot, Frodo
Book/Source: FOTR
Adult: None
Disclaimer: Don't own them and don't make any money from them.

Filling Up the Corners

Odo began simply enough. That is, if you consider the beginning to be when he sat down in the main tent.

And it really was simple—butternut squash soup smooth and fine, with just enough cream for savor and a sprinkling of nutmeg to say hello to his tongue. After that there came a course or two or ten—meats, fishes and fowls roasted to a turn ... taters mashed and fried ...

Odo finally sat back with a belch, but he was quick to grab Frodo passing by with a bowl of nuts.

“I’ll have some of those ... I’ve got room.”

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