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Pleasantries. 'Candle Light' challenge.

Title: Pleasantries
Author: Huinárë
Characters/Pairing: Saruman, Sauron
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Book/Source: Lord of the Rings, Unfinished Tales
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. No profit reaped by myself, aside from a wealth of intellectual giddiness.

Summary: "Easy it is now to guess how quickly the roving eye of Saruman was trapped and held." -LoTR III.11. ‘Candlelight’ challenge.
Meta: i. Evidently palantíri could not "see" into darkness. ii. Curumo: Saruman’s name in Quenya.


In Barad-Dûr, the shadow falls still blacker over its palantír as Isil sets. The chamber in Orthanc, too, grows dark.

Still Sauron affects ignorance. «Whatever you name yourself, I perceive you are no creature of blackness. You might bring some light there.» Only haughty, fearful silence answers. «If you please.»

One bony hand gestures vaguely. A taper awakens, hurling effusive light against the wizard’s aged, stone-still countenance. Only his eyes speak, alight with resentment and curiosity.

Sauron smirks. «Diminished though you are, Curumo, did you really imagine that I did not know you straightaway by your endearing hubris?»
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