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Firelight - Brothers Under the Shadow

Title: Brothers Under the Shadow
Author: Alma Heart
Characters/Pairing: Faramir, Boromir
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Source: LoTR
Disclaimer: All of Middle Earth is from the hand of Tolkien.  I own nothing.  I make no profit from the drabble.

Being me, there's only one possible scenario for fire, but I tried to do something a little different. kortirion's helped inspired the final result (Thank you!).  Part of my personal understanding of how the Steward family works.

Boromir didn’t have the visions stalking Faramir’s sleep, futures capturing him so completely he woke gasping.  Boromir’s dreams had no such power.
He repeated that thought desperately, to forget waking, terrified, to his own screams.
Faramir said those dreams seemed like forgotten memories where he would wander forever, alone.
Not so Boromir.  Not even when sparks seared his eyes and horror was a living, strangling thing that held him powerless.  Ravenous firelight flickered over his brother’s face, cruel claws of flame burned his skin.  The pyre roared.
Gasping for breath, Boromir shuddered.  No.  Such nightmares could hold no prophecy.
Tags: author: alma heart, challenge: light: firelight, character: boromir, character: faramir
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