Azalais (azalaisdep) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Let there be Light challenge, Candlelight - Evening Will Follow Day

Author: Azalais
Title: Evening Will Follow Day
Characters: Arwen, Bilbo
Source: LoTR
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien and his heirs: I wander there for fun, not profit

Hideously late, but I am going to try to catch up, promise...

Evening Will Follow Day

Glancing up with a sigh at the sun sinking behind the mountains,  Arwen carefully folds and stows the great swathe of black cloth, then rises from her window-seat.  She wove and hemmed every evening by candlelight;  but for the fine work, silver-threading crown, stars and White Tree, only full daylight suffices.

She sets off through the Last Homely House. For I am not the only soul in Imladris fearing and fretting for a loved one far away! She craves firelight, companionship, and —

“Arwen!” Bilbo bustles smiling to his door. “Do come in; you’re just in time for tea  — and cake…”
Tags: author: azalaisdep, challenge: light: candlelight, character: arwen, character: bilbo
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