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Light challenge - Lamplight : 'Of Ithil, and Anor' - Kortirion

Title: Of Ithil, and Anor, a drabble pair
Author: Kortirion
Character: Wee Legolas
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien created Middle-earth and its inhabitants, Kortirion extrapolated this drabble.

Legolas watched the skies anxiously, quick winds were blowing away the clouds, no silvered globes, no lamp-light would be needed... he smiled. ‘Tonight it would be his time!’

Seven hundred and twenty-five mid-winter moons had turned their light on his face... tonight’s full moon heralded the Great Turning feast, the little Turning feasts were for Arda, mid-rhîw and the longest night, but this was his fifth yén... and he was old enough now to play his part.

By custom, the youngest present had the honour to standforth and ask the question that began the traditional recital of the ancient histories.

His new boots felt stiff as he hopped from foot to foot.

“Stand still!” gasped his nurse, gently whacking his bottom with the hairbrush.

“But it must be done by now”, he whined.

His hair had been brushed until it shone, sleekly hanging straight down his back... ‘Just a little plait’, he’d begged, but she was adamant, King’s son or no, he wasn’t old enough for warrior’s plaits, or any other!

Finally... the feast – he took a deep breath and piped as loudly as he could...

“Why were the great lamps of the morning and evening set into the sky?”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: light: lamplight, character: legolas
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