Adonnen Estenniel (alphien) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Adonnen Estenniel

"Freedom" - Starlight Challenge

Title: Freedom
Author: Adonnen Estenniel (alphien)
Characters/Pairing: Celeborn/Galadriel
Rating: G
Book/Source: The Silmarillion/Unfinished Tales
Disclaimer: Setting, characters, and genius belong to the Tolkien Estate. I make no money from this.

He watched her approach, marveling in the swirl of her golden hair, the grace of her lean body. The way her eyes shone like troubled stars, even in this darkness.

She bowed.

The smile he offered her was forced. “My lady.”

“You don’t want to be here.” Direct, assertive. “You are unhappy and you want to leave.”

He was drowning and could not save himself. She frowned at his silence, turned to go.

Desperate, he cast the only lifeline he had. “What do you want?”

“To be free.”

Her eyes were cold, cruel stars, and he flinched away from them.
Tags: author: alphien, challenge: light: starlight, character: celeborn, character: galadriel
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