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I Always Thought You'd Amount to More -'Torchlight' prompt

Title: I Always Thought You’d Amount to More
Author: Huinárë
Characters/Pairing: Saruman, Sauron
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Book/Source: Lord of the Rings, Unfinished Tales
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. No profit reaped by myself, aside from a wealth of intellectual giddiness.

Summary: “Alas for Saruman! It was his downfall, as I now perceive.” –LOTR III.11. ‘Torchlight’ challenge.
Meta: i. The setting and circumstances might be confusing if not read as directly following my ‘Starlight’ response of last week. ii. Mairon and Curumo are the old Valinorean names of Sauron and Saruman respectively.


Two ancient recollections, shared through the palantíri, form a landscape where two Maiar walk as in a lucid dream. They halt before a quiet tarn.

A statuesque figure, Mairon that once was, raises a torch. Its flame springs harsh into the crystalline waters. Curumo perceives therein not the aging wizard, but his long-sundered reflection, raven-haired, wiry, beardless. Its brows furrow.

Mairon speaks: «Valinor sent you to hinder me, confined in a substandard form to attempt it. Strange gratitude. Aide me rather, and when I have regained the One I will restore you to your former power and dignity.»
Tags: author: huinárë, challenge: light: torchlight, character: saruman, character: sauron
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