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Sunshine - Before the Gates of Angband

Title:  Before the Gates of Angband

Author:  Erulisse (one L)

Characters/Pairing:  Eärendil

Rating:  G

Warnings:  None

Book/Source:  The Silmarillion

Summary:  In response to the prompt “Sunlight”, a look at the battle for the skies during the War of Wrath as experienced by Eärendil and Vingilótë. 

Disclaimer:  Tolkien built the sand box; I only play with the bucket and shovel that he left for me.  No money, profit or non, is made from the publication of this story. 

Before the Gates of Angband

Eärendil peered over Vingilótë’s rail, observing the forces of Morgoth leaving the field of battle.  ‘Surely it can’t end like this?’ he thought.  But moments later the gates reopened, issuing forth Morgoth’s most deadly forces.  The dragons took wing, including Ancalagon the Black.  Eärendil whispered to his faithful vessel.  “Now my beauty; show your mettle and we will defeat this black evil now staining our sky.” 

As Anar arose for the second time, Eärendil expended his last bit of strength, slaying Ancalagon.  Both the Mariner and his ship were tattered, burned, bruised, and cut, but victory was theirs.  

Tags: author: erulisse, challenge: light: sunlight, character: earendil
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