girl talk (22by7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
girl talk

Response for the ‘Fool’ challenge.

Title: A Small Price
Author: 22by7
Characters/Pairing: Gorlim/Eilinel
Rating: nonexplicit pairingness
Warnings: title lifted from a Sauron quote
Book/Source: the Silmarillion
Disclaimer: mm, lawyers for breakfast

are you asleep? he says into the sleeping skin of her belly. it squirms away, and the lightest, happiest laugh in the world wells suddenly up.

not anymore, silly. he laughs, then, a heavier laugh but not the less happy for that.

he is very serious when he tells her: you mean more to me than anything else in the world.
aught that i do, now and ever, will be a small thing compared to this.

she has a look on her face now, joy, he loves me more than anything else, (also fear: the world, the world)
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