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Transactions challenge - Seeking purchase

Title: Seeking purchase
Author: Dwimordene
Summary: What price, the future?
Characters/Pairing: OCs
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Mature concepts
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: I'm neither JRRT nor making money off this.
Notes: Hand counted because NeoOffice's word counter is terrible.

Buy: Seeking Purchase

'Twas a hot summer's eve at Poros Crossings. Camp cookfires glittered below the fort, illuminating shrouded forms – Harad's latest unmoored war-crop, seeking refuge.

“Could they swim, we'd never stop them,” Celbaran said; his partner grunted.

“Please, honored sir! A-lehani, we,” one petitioner pleaded brokenly. “By home, Hurrhabi, for Gondor's raid – kills us, our lord! Is no returning!”

“We've bricklayers aplenty,” Celbaran sighed.

“Please, sir – we've children!” The man drew his wife before him.

Celbaran grimaced. “Sir –”


The woman stepped closer then – young, not uncomely...

Celbaran stared. Finally: “Leave,” he said tightly. “Now!”

They fled, but their devastation lingered.

Note: Hurrhabi is the name I ended up giving the point on the map Tolkien labeled "The City of the Corsairs."
Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: transactions: buy, character: gondorians, character: ocs
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