wormwood_7 (wormwood_7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

By the Sea - Darkness

Author: wormwood_7
Characters: Finduilas, Imrahil
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Source: LOTR
These characters belong to Tolkien. I make no money from this.
Note: Very, very late for "Darkness". Snippet from a longer story.

By the Sea

Imrahil half closed his eyes; tried to imagine the sun as a night fire at the end of a dark, star-studded road.
Through his eye-lashes he saw Finduilas get up and walk down to the water. Saw her lift her dress and tie it at the hip, wade in up to her knees. Angle her head back into her folded hands and look up into the night; her elbows protruding from her head like pointy wings.
Half girl, half bird.
The sea disappeared empty off the horizon's edge. A few slivers of reflection still hovered there...as a memory of daylight.

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