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Transactions challenge - In the hour of nations

Title: In the hour of nations
Author: Dwimordene
Summary: Selling the dream.
Characters/Pairing: OC Gondorrim and Haradrim
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Mature concepts
Book/Source: Appendix fic, builds off of my "Buy: Seeking Purchase." Also, it would probably help to have this drabble on hand for how I think post-sacking of the Corsair shipyards inter-Haradrim violence looks: Beyond the Quays of Umbar. Finally, thank you, Emmanuel Levinas, for the title.

Disclaimer: Still not Tolkien, still not related to him, still not making money. I'm also not Levinas, not related to him, and the amount of money I make thanks to him is really, really laughable.

Sell: In the hour of nations

The camp grew daily. Celbaran tried forgetting the man and woman – their offer.

'Twas hard, when smaller bribes showed mean in their light.

'Twas worse when riders appeared: the Khan's scouts loved not refugees.

“They'll return with us,” the chief scout declared.

“Harad doesn't rule Harondor,” Captain Ránion replied.

“She'll rule Hurrhabi's traitors, if Gondor desires peace!”

“Harad's justice be done,” Ránion answered. “When your captain and company arrive.”

“We're selling them downriver!” Celbaran fretted later, gesturing to Gondor's guardsmen ringing the camp.

“Someone's to pay for Hurrhabi,” Gilion reasoned. “Thorongil's gone, Harad's reach is shortened: good for us.”

Death for them...
Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: transactions: sell, character: gondorians, character: men
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