aeneid some luvvin' (adraefan) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
aeneid some luvvin'

Dunlending Nights

Title: Dunlending Nights
Author: Aeneid (adraefan)
Characters: Boromir, his horse
Rating: G
Source: FOTR, bookverse
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, not mine.
Notes: For the Lost challenge. Boromir went through Dunland, right?

The days melt into each other like seamless water, and he has been adrift in Dunland for –

“What’s it been? Two months? Surely not.”

The horse snorts.

At night, he wraps up his worries and his cares in a too-short blanket. He uses his cloak for a pillow, and he keeps the horn tucked under the crook of his arm (for comfort).

Dreams played with him in Osgiliath – he would hear children’s laughter, echoed chants. Imladris, sword, dwelled, taken. But now his dreams are empty, and his nights are long affairs where he watches his breath freeze against his gloves.
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