StarSpray (silverstarspray) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Swords Challenge: Hilt - Defiance

Title: Defiance
Author: SilverStarSpray
Characters/Pairing: Fëanor
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Tolkien's the genius, not me.

Fëanor tightly gripped the hilt of his sword as he stood watching the ships burn. Orange flames leapt to the dark sky, blotting out the stars and announcing his coming to Middle-earth. As they rose higher and higher, sending sparks as their own stars, he wondered if Fingolfin could see them. He hoped Fingolfin could see them. Let them slink back to the Valar with their tails between their legs!

But in the shadows stood Maedhros. Fëanor wasn’t concerned; he would soon see they did not need Fingon the Valiant. They would burn Morgoth as they hotly burned these ships.

Tags: author: silverstarspray, challenge: sword: hilt, character: feanor
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