Jay of Lasgalen (jay_of_lasgalen) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Jay of Lasgalen

War In The North

Title: War in the North
Author: Jay of Lasgalen
Character: Thranduil
Rating: G
Source: LOTR Appendices (Tale of Years)
Disclaimer: Tolkien's; not mine.

March 15, 3019:  For the 'Fire' challenge.

War In The North

The air was thick with smoke and flame, searing his lungs as he tried to see through the shimmering haze. Beside him, fir trees exploded into fiery ruin, showering the ground with blazing pinecones. He flinched as one missed him by a hairsbreadth. All around was the crackle and roar of fire, and the screams of burning trees.

Thranduil awoke with a gasp. His bedchamber was silent, and there was no hint of smoke on the cool night breeze that drifted in through hidden vents. All seemed well; but far to the south he could still feel the trees dying.

Tags: author: jay_of_lasgalen, challenge: natural disasters: fire, character: thranduil
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