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Bedtime Tales for Little Hobbits - Drought.

Title: Another Bedtime Tale for Little Hobbits
Author: Curiouswombat
Characters: hobbits.
Rating: G
Source: LotR
For the Disasters Challenge; Drought.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not belong to me, but are being used for amusement only, and all rights remain with the estate of JRR Tolkien.

This is the another one of the tales that were all told to little hobbits during the latter half of the sixteen century by Shire reckoning. (This would be the mid to late second century of the Fourth Age by the reckoning of the men of Gondor.)

Once upon a time there lived a hobbit who left his cosy hobbit hole and went off adventuring. No-one knows why, or just where he wandered, but finally he came across a river where there was no water, for there had been no rain for many a day (which would never happen here in The Shire).

And, just as he went to walk across, a great wall of water came rushing, and gushing, and tumbled down upon him… and he was drowned to death!

Which goes to show that hobbits that leave their homes always come to no good end!
Tags: author: curiouswombat, challenge: natural disasters: drought, character: hobbits
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