Huinárë (huinare) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

'Drought Manifest' --for "Natural Disasters (Drought)"

Title: Drought Manifest
Author: Huinárë
Characters/Pairing: Melkor, Sauron
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Book/Source: The Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien.  No profit reaped by myself, aside from a wealth of intellectual giddiness.

Summary: Of the early days of the siege of Utumno.  Answering the prompt “Drought.”

A/N: As per norm, I refer to Sauron by his olden name of Mairon.


Besieged Utumno bleeds lava, rains ash.  Any overhead precipitation is obscured and evaporatively swallowed by the red-bellied smokes.

Aman’s host chafes in dry thirst yet gives no ground.  Mairon, alone but for a small company, essays fruitlessly to push through to his lord’s citadel.  He falls back and worries at his foe’s fringe, vindictive, fell, yet fearful for once of being subdued and captured.

Melkor is drought manifest, desiccated flesh, preferring the pain of it to the admittance of overmuch hated water unto his body; within Utumno, he feels not the rain’s absence but only that of his lieutenant.

Tags: author: huinárë, challenge: natural disasters: drought, character: melkor, character: sauron
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