Elleth (ladyelleth) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

I'm new to the community. You guys are truly awesome! :)

Title: He Promised
Author: Elleth
Characters/Pairing: Maeglin/Idril implied, Morgoth
Rating: Possibly PG.
Warnings: Implied incest. Hey, it's Maeglin.
Book: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: In the beginning there was Tolkien. He created Eru, Eru created the Ainur and the Ainur sang the world into being. You know the story.

As I enter this city of too bright a light, I am hungry. I am silent, but already your softer radiance has kindled a fire within me. As the years pass, I watch you from the shadows, and my hunger grows, though as a Prince I have no lack of food and wine. Nothing but ash touches my tongue; even your soft radiance does burn.

I fear your light, and yet I crave you. I want to feast on you, your skin. Taste your lips. Sate my hunger.

Only the Dark One understands. I will have you, Celebrindal. He promised.
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