Voracious reader (imperfictions) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Voracious reader


Title: Lair
Author: Mely
Characters: Bilbo, Frodo
Rating: G
Book: FotR
Disclaimer: This is meant as incense upon Tolkien's altar, not infringement upon the property rights of his heirs.
A/N: For the "Lost" challenge.


"We shall celebrate our birthdays together," Bilbo said. Against such a frivolous argument there was no defence: Frodo laughed his way into Bag End.

But on the first night, the smial seemed to press upon his mind. It cut so deep into the Hill. Surely in its heart it cherished mysteries: no lost treasures, but the long slow thought of the earth itself.

"Bilbo," Frodo asked the next morning, "why do you live here?"

"I like the view," Bilbo said. Frodo laughed, puzzled, as Bilbo gestured inward, where the smial wound through cold, hidden places and riddles in the dark.
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