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Lost challenge

Hey, okay i am supposed to be in a law lesson,
but wouldn't it be more fun if i had a go at this 'lost' challenge instead ?
answer: most definitely :D
I have never attempted this before, so bear with me ;)

Author: moi crazy jen ;)
Pairing: faramir/ boromir (again!)
Rating: U
Length: 100 words or so

He didn't know how it had happened but somewhere along the way he had lost half his heart.
He stood there now in the unsettling dusk, his fingers around the little bone pendant on the tangled string around his neck.
He examined the empty space where the perfect little carving of the heart was missing.
How could he have been so careless?
A voice beside him in the dimness.

"Looking for this?"
Faramir holds the missing piece of the puzzle carelessly between his slender fingers. Boromir's heart a play thing in his hand.
He reaches up gently and fits the missing piece into the gap inside the coiled serpent. The edges blend seamlessly.
Boromir is complete once more.
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