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Fire in the hole by Dwimordene

Title: Fire in the hole
Author: Dwimordene
Challenge: Writing: List
Summary: Fire in our hearts and fire in our souls…
Characters/Pairing: Mîm, Túrin
Rating: K
Book/Source: UT, Peoples of Middle-earth, The Silmarillion
Disclaimer: I'm neither JRRT nor making money off this.

Fire in the hole

Túrin kept returning – every eve he came to Mîm, asking of his craft, his days, asking counsel for Men astray.

A young, lordly Dwarf he seemed. Bitter years begged release, so Mîm spoke: of land and craft… of the Dwarf-wars and the Great Dispossession.

And he revealed the Knot-cords.

“What are they?” Túrin asked.

“Though slaves, we needed no Elvish letters! ” Mîm vaunted. “In the darkest depths, our hands enlightened our hearts when we hadn’t one match!”

Practiced, exiled fingers drew the cords, recited: “Sing the martyrs of Nulukkhizdîn, lest Elves and the Seven extinguish them – Shabîn, Uda, Tîl…’”

Notes: Dwarven knot-cords based on the idea of the Incan quipu as a possible notational system for more than numbers.

Title and summary come from Fire in the Hole, by Hazel Dickens.

“the martyrs of Nulukkhizdîn” – PoME makes it sound as though the other houses of Dwarves in the vicinity of what would become Nargothrond forced the Petty Dwarves from their dwelling there and took it over to give to the newly arrived Noldor.
Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: writing: list, character: dwarves, character: men
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