SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,


Title: Lost
Author: SheBit
Source: Unfinished Tales/LotR
Disclaimer: Only Tolkien could create mooks as creepy as the Nazgul and a Big Bad (TM) as inept as Sauron.
Author's Notes: For the 'Lost' challenge.

Terror flowed about it like a cloak, a black malevolence in its wake.

Light was as shadow as it approached, all warmth fleeing to leave only a chill dread.

Cold with fear, the man looked up at the creature that stood too close, its dark horse a black shadow in the night.


“I don’t know no Baggins, nor no Shire. Please...”

The wraith turned without word, steam billowing from the steed’s flanks as it departed.

When the terror had finally lifted, the man returned to his place and cast his rod into the waters of the wide Anduin.

Author's Note2: This was inspired by a little tale in the UT, set a short time before the Hobbits set out for Bree. Apparently Gollum had revealed "Baggins...Shire", but old Sauron sadly had no idea where the Shire was - he didn't get out much. He knew that it had something to do with Halflings, and the last time he'd seen any of those was when they were still living in the Vales of Anduin, up in Rhovanion, centuries before they headed up to Arnor. So, he sent the Nazgul running round Rhovanion looking for a Baggins for a month or so. If they'd gone directly to the Shire they would have arrived there before Gandalf had returned and told Frodo to take the Ring and head for Bree. Things would have been quite diferent if Sauron had had a map.
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