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Writing challenge: Note, Sign and List: Kortirion

Title: Aide-memoire – a drabble set (for: Note, Sign and List)
Author: Kortirion
Character: Aragorn
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien, Kortirion just borrows the players occasionally.

A Happy Gift

It was his habit each night to write down the mental notes he’d made during the day. Granted, it wasn’t always easy to find time and place for leisurely recollection... sometimes he had to commit his notes to memory in the hope of recalling them when he could put pen to paper.

So it was with great delight he’d received her small gift – palm-sized, thin slices of ivory bound on a silver swivel, enough to fan out and write on, the notes easily erased and the sheets re-used.

‘An aid to memory’, she’d said.

And using it, he remembered her.

Always In His Heart

He’d slept under the stars in fair weather and foul. Stars familiar since his foster-father carried him, pointing them out in Imladris’ clear skies. Later, the stars might be strangely turned, or new to him, but he loved the patterns written in the night, signs he made safe passage by.

At Meduseld, the men chose to inscribe their skins with ink and encouraged him to choose an appropriate sign. He used the ivory sheets to draw a star... placed above a slender tower wound round with hope’s rope and anchor, and told himself, one day, he’d add the other six.

Always On His Mind

Make a list, she’d scolded him, how can you know your mind if you don’t know what you require?

It made him smile to remember her frown... how it turned to smiles when distracted from the source of irritation - usually him! He must ask questions she tired of, explore when she wished to sit, stride away when she wanted to dawdle... How they’d vexed each other in those days.

Now he was so much older... now he often made lists... lists of replacement weapons needed, lists of places to be guarded... lists of names... that the fallen shouldn’t be forgotten.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: writing: list, challenge: writing: note, challenge: writing: notice/sign, character: aragorn
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