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The heat in the kitchen by Dwimordene

Title: The heat in the kitchen
Author: Dwimordene
Challenge: Recipe
Summary: On duty in the camp kitchens of Gondor’s army, there are no short-cuts.
Characters/Pairing: OFC, OMCs
Rating: K
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: I'm neither JRRT nor making money off this.

The heat in the kitchen

When her husband joined Imloth Melui’s levy, so did Gaildis – with better native advantage. He’d no war-gear, but she brought her well-loved knives.

Armies move on their stomachs, digesting men from many lands: she’d never met so many strangers!

But all loved her rose sauces. “How do you make this?” they’d ask; officers asked to write recipes for their wives.

To all she answered: “Do you learn bladework from books? No more’s my art for pages! You learn cooking from cooking with cooks.”

Then many laughed, but some learned – a little life amid deadly deeds. So did Gaildis her duty.
Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: writing: recipe, character: ocs
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