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Challenge: Writing, Note

Title: End Note
Author: littlemouseno
Challenge: Writing: Note
Summary: Eldarion finds a note on his pillow.
Characters/Pairings: Eldarion 
Rating: K
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: I am not Tolkien, and I am not making any money off this.

End Note

Eldarion came awake, blinking into the darkness. Something was… off. He shifted slightly, and felt something slide from his pillow with a thump. He froze, barely breathing until his eyesight adjusted enough to see folded parchment. Sitting up and lighting a candle, he unfolded the note to find just two lines of flowing elvish script: “It is finished. We sail at first light.”

            Eldarion threw off the blankets and hurriedly dressed. He did not wish for the last two members of the Fellowship to pass from Middle Earth unmarked by anyone. He only hoped he wasn’t too late.

Tags: author: littlemouseno, challenge: writing: note, character: eldarion
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