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King of All Crowns by Dwimordene

Title: King of All Crowns
Author: Dwimordene
Challenge: Post-script
Summary: Hail to the king, baby…
Characters/Pairing: Dori, Dwalin, Glóin, OC, et al.
Rating: G
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: I'm neither JRRT nor making money off this.
Note: A pair of drabbles in honor of Huinarë’s awesome Khazad-dûm series for this challenge, which I have been reading with such pleasure.

King of All Crowns

Khazad-dûm has failed – we will lose no more in this venture.

Dori watched Dwalin and Glóin pass Dáin’s response to their latest plea, watched them scowl to the roots of their beards.

“Our kin, lying who knows where, or trapped and helpless, and not only will Dáin not help, but we mayn’t even seek them?” Dwalin demanded.

“We must act,” Glóin growled.

“But if the king forbids his subjects entry there…”

“The king commands us,” Dori said, “but he does not rule all. And he who has silver commands in realms far from hearth and home. Listen: I’ve an idea…”

In Dale, Broddí opened the embossed letter, which bore Dori’s emblem and payment for the latest iron wain going west to the Blue Mountains. And appended, in gold ink, a post-script:

Broddí – Many years you’ve been my agent in matters of foreign trade. I trust your discretion, and respect for blood-ties: find us a Man to go to Khazad-dûm. We shall make it worthwhile.

“Well, then,” he harrumphed, and looked up at the two silver stars standing at his door, awaiting that iron wain – the best sell-swords money could buy. “Strider, Hal, I've a commission for you - worth your time.”

Notes: ‘“I too once passed the Dimrill Gate,” said Aragorn quietly; “but though I also came out again, the memory is very evil.”’ – “A Journey in the Dark,” FOTR
Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: writing: postscript, character: dwarves, character: men
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