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Challenge: Writing: List

Title: Panic
Author: littlemouseno
Challenge: Writing:List
Summary: Glorfindel is about to strangle Elrond and Erestor...
Characters/Pairings: Glorfindel, Elrond, Erestor
Rating: PG (one elvish swear word)
Book/Source: Silmarillian
Disclaimer: I am not Tolkien, nor am I making any money off this.


            “Her parent’s gifts?”

            “The blue bag.”

            “My wedding garments?”

            “Green bag.”

            Glorfindel sighed. The Valar help him if her ever got married. He doubted he would even survive the preparations! “If you two do not cease second-guessing yourselves, I will throw you into the Bruinen!”

            Elrond and Erestor looked horrified. “If I’ve forgotten anything, Celebrian will kill me!” Elrond exclaimed.

            “I doubt it,” Glorfindel shrugged. “All you really need is yourself and the ring.”

            “The ring!” Elrond choked, wheeling his horse and racing for Imladris.

            “Pui-en-orch!” Glorfindel swore, chasing after the panicked groom, leaving a stunned Erestor behind.

*Pui-en-orch: Orc spit! (borrowed with many thanks from Fiondil)

Tags: author: littlemouseno, challenge: writing: list, character: elrond, character: erestor, character: glorfindel
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