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Challenge: Writing: Poem, Postscript

Title: No Words
Author: littlemouseno
Challenge: Writing: Poem
Summary: Finrod is having a bit of trouble.
Characters/Pairings: Finrod, Orodreth
Rating: K
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: I am not Tolkien, nor am I making any money off this.

This has been a rough week for me. A summer cold has left me exhausted after work every day, so you get two from me today to catch up.

No Words

            Finrod reread his finished verses. He growled, balling the parchment and aiming for the opening door.

            Orodreth neatly caught the projectile. “I thought you’d like to come hunting, but I see you’re busy.”

            Finrod snorted. “It’s this poem honoring Amarië. I cannot find the words!”

            Orodreth unfolded the parchment. “This is terrible,” he chuckled. “Might I suggest, brother, that you would honor her better with your harp?” He held out the instrument.

            Finrod sighed, but took it. “This doesn’t feel right, either,” he grumbled.

            “Perhaps, but she loved it,” Orodreth said pointedly, tossing the poem on the fire.

Title: P.S.: I Love You
Author: littlemouseno
Challenge: Writing: Postscript
Summary: Celebrian finds a way to help Elrond continue without her.
Characters/Pairing: Elrond/Celebrian
Rating: K
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: I am not Tolkien, nor am I making any money off this.

Admittedly, I borrowed the title and the basic idea from a really good movie, but I thought it lent itself nicely to this. :)

P.S.: I Love You

            He found the first one hidden under his pillow.

            All he could do was stare at the pages, hoping the pain did not drown him.

            He always found them when he wasn’t looking to. Stashed in a robe pocket, behind herb jars, or between book pages. Each one recalling precious memories- all ending the same way: with the sweetest words, and a little less pain.

            Until one day, a ship arrived bearing a letter for her. And when she had savored all he could tell her, she found again the sweetest words: P.S.: I love you.

Tags: author: littlemouseno, challenge: writing: poem, challenge: writing: postscript, character: celebrian, character: elrond, character: other canon character
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