Alawa (edge_of_ruin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Cultivation Challenge: Weed

Hello - this is my first post to the community.

Title: Supplanters
Challenge: Weed
Author: Alawa
Characters: Arwen, Aragorn, “weeds”
Rating: G
Source: LotR

Disclaimer: I am definitely not JRRT but I’m enjoying his garden for a little while for no monetary gain.


In the days of the Stewards the gardens had been kept immaculate. But now, with the coming of the King, wild plants were sneaking in - even to the Courtyard of the Tree. Weeded out they were left to lie, slowly withering on the stone.

Until at evening Arwen came; gathered their broken bodies in her arms; tenderly replanted them in their private bower.

Then he laughed to see how quickly they revived, lifted up their heads and turned their faces to the stars; how merrily their unruly seeds went dancing back on the breeze, returning to disturb his ordered lawns.
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