Alawa (edge_of_ruin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Time of Year Challenge: Summer

Title:  Healers
Challenge: Summer
Author:  Alawa
Characters:  Elrond, Estel, butterflies
Rating:  G
Source: LotR

Disclaimer:  I am definitely not JRRT but I’m enjoying his garden for a little while for no monetary gain.


Midday heat does not wilt him as it does the elves so Master Elrond continues his task tending the precious plants that can both cure and kill.

And all the while he watches, through the open gate, his restless charge.  Estel is running, beyond the sun-drenched wall, chasing yellow butterflies across the lawn.  So curious!  So bright!  A memory of Elros bursting into life!

Summer heals the earth: the pungent scent of herbs, the endless hum of bees, the joyful laughter of a child and Elrond, basking in the memory of his kin, embracing the choices they have made.

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