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Challenge: Time of Year: Summer

Title: A Little Fall of Rain
Author: littlemouseno
Challenge: Time of Year: Summer
Summary: Celebrian teaches Elrond that a little fall of rain doesn't have to ruin their day.
Characters/Pairing: Elrond/Celebrian
Rating: G
Book Source: Silmarilion
Disclaimer: I am not Tolkien, nor am I making any money off this.

I'm back! Woo hoo! Thanks again, everyone, for all your prayers, well wishes, and encouragments over the last month. :)

A Little Fall of Rain

            Elrond sighed and peered from the cave. A summer storm had interrupted his perfect picnic.

            Slender arms slipped around him. “It’s only a little rain, love,” Celebrian soothed.

            “Only a little rain!? Our lunch is drowned!” he gestured to the soggy mess.

            “We still have an afternoon together. And I can think of something equally as fun as a picnic.” Too late, Elrond caught the mischief in her voice. Celebrian pushed him into the rain. “Dance with me!” she laughed, twirling around him.

            Elrond grinned, catching and spinning her. Perhaps the rain wasn’t so bad.

Tags: author: littlemouseno, character: celebrian, character: elrond
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