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Crowning - Harvest

Title: Crowning
Author: Alma Heart
Characters/Pairing: Faramir, Eowyn, OMCs, OFCs
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: LotR
Disclaimer:  All of Middle Earth comes from the hand of Tolkien.  I own nothing.  I make no profit from the drabble

Ithilien is slowly but surely becoming a part of her, too.

Iv' = Ivrian

“We are honored you’d share our harvest meal,” Anborn said.

Eowyn smiled. “It is tradition in my home to break the year’s first bread with friends.” Faramir nodded in agreement.
Anborn glanced at his sister. “We have a tradition here in Gondor as well. Iv'?”
Eowyn frowned, puzzled. Beside her, Faramir blinked, then smiled gently.
Ivrian came to her and shyly offered a crown of golden wheat, lovingly braided by many hands.
Eyes bright, Ivrian bowed to her. “Would you be our harvest queen, Lady Eowyn?”
Sunlit warmth flooded Eowyn’s heart. Taking Ivrian‘s hand, she accepted the crown. “I will.”

I seem to be writing these in pairs recently.  Not quite as happy with this one, but I couldn't post "Never Forget" without something happy to make myself feel better.
In T.A. 3019, Anborn is now 24, and Ivrian is 14.  Ivrian thinks Eowyn is the most lovely and brave person in the world. :)

Tags: author: alma heart, challenge: time of year: harvest, character: eowyn, character: faramir
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