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Time of Year challenge: New Year, Spring, and Midsummer: 'Remembering' : Kortirion

Title: Remembering...
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir
Rating: G
Source: FotR
Disclaimer: The originals are all the work and discoveries of JRR Tolkien – Kortirion’s just playing.

Catching up - three drabbles, one each for New Year, Spring, and Midsummer

Hollin: Remembering What Was
New Year was always a grand affair in the Citadel… and an ever rowdier one the lower down the Circles you travelled. Over the years Boromir had sampled them all – from being presented, scrubbed and primped, for his father’s approval, with strict instruction to smile at dinner and no smart remarks… through adolescent drinking sprees in unsuitable taverns… and back to making polite conversation while steering dowagers through the formal dances.

Never once did he imagine he’d dance with Hobbits, learn dwarvish drinking games, admire the cadences of elvish singing… or look into such eyes as those across the fire.

Title: Lorien: Remembering What Could Be
Character: Boromir

After the harrowing, nightmare journey that was Moria, Lorien was a breath of Spring. It felt warmer, fresher… some how more invigorating. It was difficult to define, he felt more alive than he had for weeks, months… yet he’d niggling fears and doubts that this wasn’t ‘right’. That he was in the wrong place at the wrong time… that this Lord and Lady knew more than he did… It was unnerving.

He was grateful for the Fellowship’s camaraderie… and the growing companionship he felt toward the Ranger… Matters of precedence could be sorted out when they returned home, to Gondor.

Title: Minas Tirith: Remembering What Might Have Been
Character: Aragorn

Midsummer morning – a great day, his day, the culmination of years and years of struggle and heartache – this day he would finally marry his elven princess!

Aragorn had feigned sleep, then leapt out of bed and locked his door after the seneschal had steered the attendants from the outer room… ‘to give the King his rest’. They’d left trays of fresh bread, cheese, fruit and pitchers of hot water… but he’d sooner eat alone and shave himself than listen to palace gossip.

He idly stroked a fur-trimmed bed-throw, and thought about the guests who would not… could not, be there…
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