Avalon Estel (avalonestel) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Avalon Estel

Flight Challenge

Title: Fly Far Away
Author: Avalon Estel
Characters/Pairing: Eowyn
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: Last time I checked, none of this was mine. It's all the Professor's. Sorry.

The bird rises from my windowsill, its wings beating gently at the air, wind ruffling through its feathers as it takes to the sky. I sigh. How I wish I could take flight, could soar somewhere no one else knows, could leave behind the troubles and torments that plague me ruthlessly.

But alas, I've no wings. I am trapped, like a caged bird. It flaps its wings, knowing it cannot be free.

Flight is for the birds. I know that. But the White Lady of Rohan is strong, and one day I'll fly far away.

One day, I'll be free.
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