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Challenge; Werewolf. It Takes One to Know One

Title: It Takes One to Know One
Challenge; Werewolf
Author: Curiouswombat
Characters: The sons of Elrond & OFC
Rating: G
Source: LotR

Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not belong to me, but are being used for amusement only, and all rights remain with the estate of JRR Tolkien.

Continuing the conversations between the sons of Elrond and their young visitor.

It Takes One to Know One

“Have you ever met a werewolf?” Tindómë asked her hosts.

“We have met, and bested, wolves, direwolves and wargs…” said Elrohir, “but I do not know anything of werewolves.”

“Um – they are shape changers – like the Beornings, but becoming wolves not bears,” she explained. “Well, maybe not quite like the Beornings… werewolves lose all their sense of themselves when they change, they remember nothing except to fight, to kill…”

“I have heard of none like that in this part of Middle Earth,” said Elladan.

“Not wolves,” he heard his brother’s inner voice, “But for too long, otherwise, that was us…”


Tindómë is 'almost an elf', who didn't originate in this bit of Middle Earth... she is a central character in my long series of stories - but that is all you need to know for the stories to make sense. She is only just an adult, having come of age two or three years before she visits Imladris to broaden her education.
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