Huinárë (huinare) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

An Unwelcome Name (for Bogey-stories - Vampire)

Title: An Unwelcome Name
Author: Huinárë
Characters/Pairing: Gríma, Éomer, Éowyn
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Book/Source: Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien.  No profit reaped by myself, aside from a wealth of intellectual giddiness.


Éomer, blocking the corridor, grinned unsettlingly:  “We were just recollecting nursemaids’ vampire stories: Little beasts slowly drain one’s blood, life, will.  Fond tales we reckoned them, yet these days one might fancy tales escape their graves.”

Gríma avoided glancing toward Théoden’s hall.  “Strange days indeed, Lord Éomer, yet all do as we can.”  He slid past them, catching Éowyn’s glare.  She’d stopped speaking to him, as though doing so might shatter her composure, a silent white-gold statue.

“I doubt it not,” Éomer commented, “Wormtongue.”

Gríma should have protested, but could only keep walking.  The name walked after him.

Tags: author: huinárë, challenge: bogey-stories: vampire, character: eomer, character: eowyn, character: grima
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