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History's Hosts by Dwimordene

Title: History's Hosts
Author: Dwimordene
Challenge: Bogey-Stores: Ghost
Summary: The dead are always with us.
Characters/Pairing: The Armies of the West and a lot of antecedents.
Rating: K
Book/Source: Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: I'm neither JRRT nor making money off this.

Dedication: For aliana1, an oblique meta-reference. Thanks for the fic!

History’s Hosts

They exist at the edges of vision. Men on the march blink, wipe terrified sweat from their eyes, and they’re gone.

It would drive one mad, save that there’s madness enough simply in marching, each step bearing them nearer Mordor’s threshold, where hydra-headed Death awaits. Insubstantial as the air, they are following just a little farther. They’re not the Dead, to harrow their enemies: vague blurs, shaped like memories, they shall stand witness to whatever end.

For before Morannon, generations concentrate. Living and dead occupy one moment; their standard-bearer lifts their flag, testifying: our lives, our struggle, our common end.


Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: bogey-stories: ghost, character: men
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