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Ironmongery: Vice: Forge: Axe: Kazâd ai-Menu!: Kortirion

Title: Kazâd ai-Menu! a set of three drabbles
Author: Kortirion
Character: Thorin Oakenshield
Rating: G
Source: The Hobbit
Disclaimer: Tolkien created all – the rest is speculation.


“If pride is a vice, it is one bred into dwarven folk with their mother’s milk.
Every race mutters it quietly behind sheltering hands, or says it aloud to our faces… but only when they’re in their cups. Then, we must clench our teeth… or seem as boorish as they… What they fail to understand is when your life, your hope, your existence is wrenched away by terrors beyond fighting… then pride is what you cling to… screwed tight as metal in vice, held steady until faith and believing return what was lost – though we must fight for every step!”


Thorin Oakenshield spoke well. Proud son of a proud line, his very essence yearned to re-forge what was lost. To bring his people back to Erebor, to reclaim his realm… His grandfather slain, his father vanished… he must kindle his folk to action.

He trudged the roads, trading as many did, itinerant smiths, hammering at the forges of men creating knives and ploughshares when he longed for weapons and armour…
But always he spoke to those dwarves who would listen; in them he stoked flames of desire until their hearts burnt as brightly as his, forging alliances amidst the embers.


West of the Mountains – there was work to be had, though mistrust abounded. Dwarves knew Men coveted their skills. Men knew Dwarves would try to cheat them, or substitute something inferior, keeping the best metal for themselves. And Elves? Dwarves had no time for Elves and Elves turned away from Dwarves in all but the direst circumstances…

So when the Wizard made himself known… At first Thorin doubted, but the tale Mithrandir told… the proof he offered… Now came the time to use that hoarded metal, to forge new axes for the Dwarves – Baruk Kazad!

The Dwarves are upon you!
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: ironmongery: axe, challenge: ironmongery: forge, challenge: ironmongery: vice, character: thorin oakenshield
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