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Ironmongery challenge, Forge: Good News Travels Fast

Author: Azalais
Title: Good News Travels Fast
Source: The Hobbit
Characters: Legolas, Thranduil, Wood-Elves
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Middle-earth belongs to Tolkien and his heirs: I wander there for fun, not profit

Good News Travels Fast

“Look, that's odd.”  The Elf high in the pine-branches gestures to his companion. “Another of those big flocks – too many and moving too fast, with Fading drawing on; and why beating westward?”

“And that fellow forges ahead, see. Almost as though –”

A moment later, the bird he'd picked out drops from the sky, to his outstretched hand, trilling urgently. The Elf gasps.

So the message flies across Mirkwood; till at last the Elven-king's son himself sprints through the caverns, just remembering in time to check his headlong dash as he crosses Thranduil's threshold –

“Father, forgive me – news. From the North.”


“Very great indeed was the commotion among all things with wings that dwelt on the borders of the Desolation of the Dragon. The air was filled with circling flocks, and their swift-flying messengers flew here and there across the sky.” - The Hobbit Chapter XIV, Fire and Water.
Tags: author: azalaisdep, challenge: ironmongery: forge, character: elf, character: legolas, character: thranduil
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