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Blessings challenge: Health : Kortirion

Title: Those Who Tarried
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Bilbo and Dwarves
Rating: G
Source: The Hobbit (film)
Disclaimer: Tolkien constructed the story, PJ created the visuals, Kortirion embellished their ideas.

“...Here’s a health to the spade and the pick,
Here’s a health to the hammer and file,
And for all that we know, they have sort grace to go,
Maybe they can seek rest there awhile...”

Evening’s ending and the Dwarves sonorous voices boomed the slow melody of The Resting. It was a traditional drinking song, they’d told Bilbo, remembrance and honour for those departed – a quiet moment among the merry….

Bilbo hummed along quietly – before realising he knew the tune, he’d heard it sung by Rangers… for much the same reasons…

“Here’s a health to the bird in the bush…”

A bit of a Sharpe crossover - here are the lyrics by John Tam:

Here's a health to the bird in the bush
Here's a health to the bird in the bush
For all birds of one feather
They should always lie together
Let the people say little or much
And Here's a health to the bird in the bush
Here's a health to the jolly dragoon
For we've tarried here all day
To drink down the sun
Let us tarry here and drink down the moon.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: blessings: health, character: bilbo, character: dwarves
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