Alawa (edge_of_ruin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Blessings challenge: Wealth - Finders, keepers

Title:  Finders, keepers

Challenge: Blessings - Wealth

Author:  Alawa

Characters:  Bree-folk, Old Tom

Rating:  G

Source: LotR

Disclaimer:  I am definitely not JRRT but I’m enjoying his garden for a little while for no monetary gain.

Standing up to ruffians had made him bold, and his family needed all the land might yield, so young Walt Burdock packed some gear and dared to spend a night out on the Downs.  

Strangely, in the shadow of the stones, fear was held at bay by merry song.  And later, as wealth beyond his wildest dreams glittered in the sun, he heeded remembered words:

“Garner only what is needed; leave the rest a-sparkling ...”

But even so - hens for Ma!  Tools for Da!  And for himself: ewes - and a ram - to wander this windswept grassland free under the sky!


"While they were eating Tom went up to the mound, and looked through the treasures.  Most of these he made into a pile that glistened and sparkled on the grass.  He bade them lie there ‘free to all finders, birds, beasts, Elves or Men, and all kindly creatures’; for so the spell of the mound should be broken and scattered and no Wight ever come back to it." Fellowship of the Ring - Fog on the Barrow-downs

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