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Challenge: Ironmongery; Axe/Challenge: Bogey-stories; Werewolf

Title: Request
Author littlemouseno
Characters/Pairing: Elrond, Thror
Rating: G
Book/Source: The Hobbit Movie-verse, I guess (unless someone can find a source I missed)
Disclaimer: I am still not Tolkien, and still not making any money from this.

This came from a combination of the prompt and my own wonderings when watching the Hobbit movie. At one point, Elrond says that he knew Thror when he was king under the mountain. So naturally, I wanted to know how/when/why he knew him. This is just a small answer. :)

  After a week in Imladris, the dwarves had finally relaxed enough to set their axes aside while they learned to make friends. Their king, however, clearly still had something on his mind. 

  He sat across from Elrond now, drinking wine before the fire. The flames glittered in the young king's eyes. Elrond sipped his wine and watched Thror over the rim of his goblet. Whatever the dwarf was planning, it was taking a good deal of courage to ask his question.
  Yet even Elrond was not prepared for the request. 

  "What do you know of the uses o ithildin?

*Note ithildin s a substance created by the elves that can only be seen in starlight and moonlight. The "moon-runes" on Thror's map of the Lonely Mountain, while created by the dwarves, are likely made partly fro ithildin.

Title: Crossbreed
Author littlemouseno
Characters/Pairing: Aragorn
Rating: G
Book/Source: The Two Towers
Disclaimer: Same as above. :) 

Yeah, two at once, but I finally came up with one for "Werewolf". :p

  Covered in water, Isengard hardly looked like much, but Aragorn knew that beneath the water, hundreds of caverns had hidden an army of thousands.  As Hasufel sloshed through the detritus, an odd figure caught Aragorn's eye. He reigned in, leaning over to get a better look.

  Curled around the end of a crate, it appeared to be a half-formed Warg, but its' shape wasn't right. Aragorn drew his sword and prodded it. The creature floated free and turned over. Aragorn thought he might be sick.

  For staring up at him was the hideously twisted face of a Man.
Tags: author: littlemouseno, challenge: bogey-stories: werewolf, challenge: ironmongery: axe, character: aragorn, character: elrond
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