Alawa (edge_of_ruin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Blessings challenge: Happiness - Counting chickens

Title:  Counting chickens
Challenge: Blessings - Happiness
Author:  Alawa
Characters:  Bree-folk, hens
Rating:  G
Source: LotR

Disclaimer:  I am definitely not JRRT but I’m enjoying his garden for a little while for no monetary gain.

Tilly missed her old home ever day, despite this shiny, new front door.  Still blessings should be counted ... she supposed ...

Take this marvelous tree ... the wonder of all Bree!

(And Walt with a use for his restless feet ... however strange ...)

And this!  The henhouse of her dreams!  (Her husband’s carpentry in great demand ...)

Kneeling in the dust she reached inside.  The eggs, still warm, nestled in her palms.  Carefully she straightened up and looked around ...

A safe and sunny yard.  Fussy, gossipy hens.  Their bright and beady eyes.  She dared a little smile.  Perhaps she could be happy after all.
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