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Challenge: Bogey-stories; Barrow-wight; Challenge: Bogey-stories; Vampire

Finally, the last two for Bogey-stories. 

Title: What Once Was Fair
Author littlemouseno
Characters/Pairing: Goldberry, Tom Bombadil
Rating: G
Warnings: Funeral of minor character
Book/Source: Appendices
Disclaimer: No, I am not the Professor, just playing in his sandbox, as it were.

What Once Was Fair

  Goldberry stood utterly still. That alone spoke volumes to Tom as he joined her.

  "They are burying her," she said.

  Tom followed her gaze and saw Dunedain winding among the barrows, led by a bier. His keen sight made out the hallowed cheeks and skeletal frame left by plague. The procession rounded a hill, and what once was fair was lost to their sight forever. He put his arm around Goldberry, and she wept.

  Years later, Tom took great delight in reclaiming the jeweled brooch of this dearest friend from the evil that had stolen it.

Dear Professor: While it has been an interesting journey into the darker side of your world, I would really appreciate it if you could send some fluff my way. Thanks! Sincerely, me. 

Title: Bloodlust
Author littlemouseno
Characters/Pairing: Unnamed Elf
Rating: PG
Warnings: A theory on how Elves could be twisted into being Orcs, and it ain't pretty.
Book/Source: I suppose it was inspired by Saruman's comment about the origin of orcs in the Fellowship movie.
Disclaimer: Same as before.


  He could not remember being an Elda. Though what he was now, he could not say.

  He'd fought, at first. Until his eyes had sharpened in the darkness, and he'd learned to relish the screams of others, for it meant he was not alone.

  After days of hunger and thirst beyond count, they brought him food and drink. His nose knew the substance, and a last shred of decency within him rebelled. They forced it down his throat, and with the first taste of metallic sweetness, he was lost. From then on, he knew only that he wanted more.

(Am I the first person to use Goldberry as a character? There is no tag for her.)
Tags: author: littlemouseno, challenge: bogey-stories: barrow-wight, challenge: bogey-stories: vampire, character: ?, character: goldberry, character: tom bombadil
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