Ni! (allie_meril) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Gatherers (I and II)

Title: Gatherers (I and II)
Author: Meril
Word count: 100
Characters: Feanor, Nerdanel
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Tolkien = Genius. Meril ≠ Genius. Therefore: Meril ≠ Tolkien. (Read: I don't own anything here.)
Source: Silmarillion.
Author's Notes: I suppose this is technically two half drabbles that measure exactly 100 words together. They're two parts to one whole.

Gatherers (I and II)

Everything reminds him of her. The half-finished sculpture, her drawings on the wall, a hammer sitting atop the gleaming pile of copper: everything she left behind, gathering both dust and his hatred.

Bitterness rises in his throat. Let her be damned, and let her "priorities" rot. I will not surrender.

Everything reminds her of him. A few glimmering jewels, his notes on the wall, an ash-covered apron thrown in the corner: everything he left behind, gathering both dust and her sorrow.

Tears of anger rise. Let him be damned, and let his pride be doom. I will never forgive him.
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